BBC Migration Consultants


Refund Policy

BBC Migration believes in helping its customers as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal refund policy:
You are making payment towards retainer ship of Immigration or visa consultancy services or evaluation of your visa eligibility from BBC Migration.
Before making this payment, you confirm having received the information related to country specific program from one of BBC Migration executives and terms and conditions of the engagement of Immigration consultancy services of BBC Migration. You confirm your understanding and agreement with advised terms and conditions of engagement before you transferred these funds using online payment facility available on our website.

Before making this payment, you were provided a copy of contract of engagement that defines the relationship between you as client and BBC Migration as your immigration consultant. If such a copy of contract of engagement has not been provided or you have not read it at company offices, you are within your rights to ask one of our company executives to ask for a draft copy of the contract of engagement BEFORE making this payment. At no stage, will excuse of not having read the said contract of engagement – in person at office, on request on email or being read out on the phone or any other means – be accepted as reason towards seeking refund of the payment being made using on-line transfer or otherwise by cheque or by bank transfer.

The advised contract of engagement , mentioned in above, confirms the acceptance of terms and conditions that will be applicable to the refund ” if due “of payment that is being done against on-line transfer using company website or by bank transfer. By making the on-line transfer, you ” the client ” are confirming your acceptance of conditions and circumstances mentioned in the refund annex of the advised contract of engagement. You confirm herewith that the advised contract of engagement and refund annex will forms sole and the only basis for any refund request that you may like to make now or in future.