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Explore Job Opportunities IN NEW ZEALAND

Job Opportunities in New Zealand
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New Zealand is experiencing skill shortage and it can be an ideal destination if you are looking to work. It has a strong economy and vast range of skill shortages the can make it easy for you find a job.

New Zealand has Excellent and Unexplored Job Opportunities whether you are IT, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Teaching, Building and Construction, Science and Innovation, healthcare or social services, Hospitality or someone from a creative background. We have helped Skilled Professionals to Move to New Zealand from all across the world. Moving to a new country can be a daunting task. We can help you in understanding the intricate details about finding work in New Zealand. Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will take care of all visa related formalities to ensure you have the right visa to work in New Zealand!

Fun Facts about
Working in New Zealand


Four-day work Week is being adopted by leading companies


It is common to have flexible hours and go to a gym or may be a run by extending a lunch break


NZ Job Market is compatible to UK, Australia and Canada Job Markets. Salary earned are more or less the same


People who have moved to here, say New Zealanders are relaxed, friendly and easy to get along with


Explore Job Opportunities in New Zealand


First in Work / Life Balance


First in Overall Mind-set

Source HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2020
New Zealand offers job seekers the chance to experience an excellent work-life balance. With flexible working arrangements, generous holidays and supportive employers, leading a balanced life becomes possible here.

Why New Zealand is a great place to work


Average Annual Salary Range

01. Accounting, Finance & Banking

$75,000 to $ 175,000

02. Healthcare & Medical

$90,000 to $ 165,000

03. Information Technology

$85,000 to $ 161,000

04. Construction, Design & Architecture

$81,000 to $ 157,000

05. Consulting & Strategy

$75,000 to $ 152,000

06. Legal

$50,000 to $ 150,000

07. Education & Training

$60,0000 to $ 90,000

08. Sales, Marketing & Advertising

$55,000 to $ 135,000

09. Hospitality & Tourism

$55,000 to $ 85,000

10. Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

$58,000 to $ 108,000

11. Sports & Recreation

$55,000 to $ 78,000

12. Retail & Consumer Products

$42,000 to $ 68,000

13. Science & Food Technology

$58,000 to $ 128,000

14. HR & Recruitment

$65,000 to $ 136,000

15. Admin, Clerical and Call Centre jobs

$42,000 to $ 65,000

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